Want to make sure I get paid in my home country while I’m living somewhere else

Not sure if this is nomadic enough since I’ll be here for a couple years, but r/freelance doesn’t seem like quite the right place for it so I’m trying here.

I’m a US citizen living in the UK. I was in grad school for a while so I stopped freelancing (proofreading/editing, so solo stuff, no subcontractors or anything, mostly worked for one particular company but had a few other gigs). Now I want to start back up again with the company I worked for before (in the US), but I still want to have my pay go to my US bank accounts. (And, yes, I have full right to work in the UK, will be paying UK taxes in addition to US taxes, etc.)

They do seem open to working with freelancers from multiple countries (you can change what currency you want to get paid in on the website), but I’m not sure how they’ll handle “I’m in one country but get paid in another.” Has anyone dealt with this? Any advice, either general or specific on wording/what to say or not to say when I email them?

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My goal is to be a nomad: Has anyone heard of a Psychologist/Therapist/Counselor being remote?

I will be a nomad, im driven to this life. My life is starting new this year and I’m trying to figure out what direction to go. I think it would be nice to go back to university and finish a degree. Psychology and being a therapist is something that i would love to study, but it must fit the nomad goal. If psychology couldnt possibly make me remote, then i could try computer science, web design, or environment graphic artist, since those are my next-in-line interests. But honestly, something remote and helping others is a fantasy.

My husband and I own nothing, and we are divorcing. I’m just staying with some friends until i make a direction for my life. I’m excited to find my path to the nomad lifestyle. Thank you for any suggestions, tips, or queries.

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Slow traveling nomads, how do you assess a place to stay when you first arrive to a city?

I’m getting ready to embark on the nomad journey, and I’d like to spend my time in every country for as long as my tourist visa will allow me, without getting in trouble.

When you guys first get to a new destination how do you gauge:

  • how long your stay will be
  • what things do you take into account for this decision
  • how do you plan for that?

I was thinking for example, arrive at destination, with an airbnb booked for a week or two, and use this impression to decide if it’s worth staying at the airbnb, at the city, and even the country; or simple leave.

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Hi, I from Mexico I need to do my internship, I know a little of node, rails and react. Do you know a place where I can apply? submitted by /u/roberbnd [link] [comments]

Looking for Advice on Digital Nomad Life in Chile

Long time lurker first time poster. Looking to spend May and June in Chile testing out the nomad life for a bit with my boyfriend (who will be on time off before starting a new job in July). We already have round-trip tickets in and out of Santiago but beyond that nothing is planned. We’re ideally looking for places that have access to beautiful hiking but still have reliable wi-fi for the majority of our time there.

So far we’ve looked into and are considering:

  • Flying down to Balmaceda to be in the Coyhaique area to hike a 4-5 day trek in Patagonia in early May before it gets too cold while I can take a week off, and we’re thinking Cerro Castillo is our best option given the time of year.
  • Spending a week or two in the Cajon del Maipo region outside of Santiago to be in nature and near hiking (anyone have any experience staying in San Alfanso, perhaps? How was the connectivity in the accommodations available? Are we better off staying closer to the metro area and doing weekend trips to hike versus being in the mountains?)
  • Finishing up in Valparaiso for a bit to check out the coast then spend a few days in the capital before flying home (are there better towns on the coast west of the capital to check out instead of Valparaiso?)

We’ll be there in May/June so we realize the weather will start to turn more from autumn into true winter but don’t have much interest in winter sports, just hiking and being in nature. Anyone willing to share their experiences traveling and working in these parts of Chile? Anyone have any recommendations for our tentative itinerary?

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