Hi Nomads! I need advice as I am new to this style of work and figured you might be the right kind of people to ask! I have recently been let go of my desk job with the title “e-commerce executive” what I did was manager the Amazon.fr site for an English company. How to do the same out-of-office?

Basically in this last job that I did I managed all the French listings on Amazon (translating, rewriting and editing pre-existing post that were written via google translate) I also dealt with customer support (done by email) and commented/replied to …

Health care insurance

Hi all,

I am a bit lost when it comes to proper international health care coverage. I lived abroad for at least 10 years, but was always covered under my employers. I am now freelancing with my own business, so no more coverage. I have googled and talked to a few people, but everything I look at seems scammy. The information is never clear, and the fee and what is paid out is obfuscated. So I am looking to you all for some experience based advice.

Some details about my situation:

  • I’ll be spending the majority of my time in Vietnam but travelling a bit for work in several different countries. Is there anything that could cover me in multiple places, or should I get something Vietnam specific.
  • I have a son who will be living with me who I also want coverage for.
  • I am Canadian.

Any helpful tips would be more than appreciated!

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Laptop Full – Best Portable Memory Options While Out And About

The macbook is getting full and it’s now time to move my lightroom catalog and videos to an external drive. I have an older 1TB external drive that is too slow.

Are the SSD drives the way to go? Any others I should look at? Something not too fragile would be nice.

For you Lightroom/photoshop users out there, are you keeping your videos in the lightroom catalog or somewhere else?

Thanks for the help

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Online study whilst learning Spanish – any suggestions?

Hello nomads,

I’m planning to start an online Masters course in Autumn and I’d like to live in Spanish-speaking countries and become fluent alongside my studies. I’m at B1 competency level (albeit a bit rusty) and would like to get to C1 in six months or so. My Masters will take up 2-3 days a week so plenty of time for language courses and immersion.

I’d prefer secure private rooms in either a friendly and cheap hostel or AirBnB to having my own apartment.


– Strong and reliable wifi connection

– Good quality Spanish lessons available nearby. If it comes to it I can arrange lessons via Skype but in person would be preferred

– Friendly community for immersion opportunities (ie not somewhere that everyone speaks English or it’s impossible to make friends).

– Politically stable

– Safe for a solo female with a laptop


– Near the coast

– Decent expat scene so I’m not just hanging out with drunk backpackers

– Good travel links

– Yoga and surfing nearby

Any suggestions for places that’d fit the bill, with expected living costs if possible? I’d be looking to spend 1-2 months in each place. Many thanks!

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Where to open an LLC? (American)

I moved down to florida just before taking the DN plunge for the no state income tax benefits – with a power of attorney in GA. Remote work has been nice, and I’ve also started working on a side-project. Before launch, I thought it might make sense to label it under an LLC. As a digital nomad, do I have options on where I can/should open the LLC? Or can I flexible pick a better state in the USA to open the LLC under; and is it worth doing this from afar?

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Want to make sure I get paid in my home country while I’m living somewhere else

Not sure if this is nomadic enough since I’ll be here for a couple years, but r/freelance doesn’t seem like quite the right place for it so I’m trying here.

I’m a US citizen living in the UK. I was in grad school for a while so I stopped freelancing (proofreading/editing, so solo stuff, no subcontractors or anything, mostly worked for one particular company but had a few other gigs). Now I want to start back up again with the company I worked for before (in the US), but I still want to have my pay go to my US bank accounts. (And, yes, I have full right to work in the UK, will be paying UK taxes in addition to US taxes, etc.)

They do seem open to working with freelancers from multiple countries (you can change what currency you want to get paid in on the website), but I’m not sure how they’ll handle “I’m in one country but get paid in another.” Has anyone dealt with this? Any advice, either general or specific on wording/what to say or not to say when I email them?

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My goal is to be a nomad: Has anyone heard of a Psychologist/Therapist/Counselor being remote?

I will be a nomad, im driven to this life. My life is starting new this year and I’m trying to figure out what direction to go. I think it would be nice to go back to university and finish a degree. Psychology and being a therapist is something that i would love to study, but it must fit the nomad goal. If psychology couldnt possibly make me remote, then i could try computer science, web design, or environment graphic artist, since those are my next-in-line interests. But honestly, something remote and helping others is a fantasy.

My husband and I own nothing, and we are divorcing. I’m just staying with some friends until i make a direction for my life. I’m excited to find my path to the nomad lifestyle. Thank you for any suggestions, tips, or queries.

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