Slow traveling nomads, how do you assess a place to stay when you first arrive to a city?

I’m getting ready to embark on the nomad journey, and I’d like to spend my time in every country for as long as my tourist visa will allow me, without getting in trouble.

When you guys first get to a new destination how do you gauge:

  • how long your stay will be
  • what things do you take into account for this decision
  • how do you plan for that?

I was thinking for example, arrive at destination, with an airbnb booked for a week or two, and use this impression to decide if it’s worth staying at the airbnb, at the city, and even the country; or simple leave.

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Looking for Advice on Digital Nomad Life in Chile

Long time lurker first time poster. Looking to spend May and June in Chile testing out the nomad life for a bit with my boyfriend (who will be on time off before starting a new job in July). We already have round-trip tickets in and out of Santiago but beyond that nothing is planned. We’re ideally looking for places that have access to beautiful hiking but still have reliable wi-fi for the majority of our time there.

So far we’ve looked into and are considering:

  • Flying down to Balmaceda to be in the Coyhaique area to hike a 4-5 day trek in Patagonia in early May before it gets too cold while I can take a week off, and we’re thinking Cerro Castillo is our best option given the time of year.
  • Spending a week or two in the Cajon del Maipo region outside of Santiago to be in nature and near hiking (anyone have any experience staying in San Alfanso, perhaps? How was the connectivity in the accommodations available? Are we better off staying closer to the metro area and doing weekend trips to hike versus being in the mountains?)
  • Finishing up in Valparaiso for a bit to check out the coast then spend a few days in the capital before flying home (are there better towns on the coast west of the capital to check out instead of Valparaiso?)

We’ll be there in May/June so we realize the weather will start to turn more from autumn into true winter but don’t have much interest in winter sports, just hiking and being in nature. Anyone willing to share their experiences traveling and working in these parts of Chile? Anyone have any recommendations for our tentative itinerary?

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What’s Your Thoughts On Bucaramanga, Colombia?

For my next Colombia stay, I was thinking of homebasing it from Bucaramanga. I’ve spent months in Medellin and Bogota — and love both. I’m drawn to the great weather of Bucaramanga, that it seemingly has a decent amount of things to do after work and that it’s a bit off the beaten path where I can get a more authentic experience.

Not much written about the city here. Has anyone had the opportunity to pass through or stay for a few months? Curious of your thoughts!

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Anyone in the Northern Mariana Islands?

I have found my full remote gig…and I love it…but the one catch is I have to be in the United States. I think I can be in one of the US territories (I checked the language of my contract and I don’t see anything specifically saying I have to be in the continental US).

Before I reach out to HR and start trying to convince them that I should be allowed to work from the Marina Islands, I was wondering if any DN’s are living there now?

How is the internet?

How expensive it is it?

How is the culture? (Any similarities or differences to other common DN destinations would be awesome.)



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Want to post about your product / service / survey / list / job? Read this first!

OK, here’s the deal. We understand that for many of us, entrepreneurship and digital nomad are concepts that go hand in hand. Many of us here are working towards booting up great products, and some working towards products that cater directly to the DN community.

But, this sub is not a community full of potential people to market to with your posts.

Your product may be great, brilliant, and what every DN needs but never knew it, but if that’s true then it’ll be talked about by the community once it’s known – through other channels. In this sub, we frequently get spam and does the entire community a disservice. Users get annoyed, the community starts to weaken, the moderators get overly aggressive, posts that should be OK end up automatically in the spam filter. These things are not good for anyone.

Here’s some No No’s:

  • Absolutely no surveys. Surveys will be removed without mercy.

  • No requests for interviews, or people to talk to on your blog/book/podcast/etc.

  • Anything about illegal activities. You’ll be awarded a ban, and maybe then some.

  • No asking for “please review/try my…”. There are many other subs for just that.

  • Looking for Work type posts. This isn’t the place, I’m sorry.

  • Fund my kickstarter! Nope. Not even for your “friend”.

  • Any “opportunity” to become a partner / investor. We can’t tell this from a scam, so it’ll be treated like a scam.

  • No direct links to products using an affiliate ID. If you’re caught, you’ll be punished.

Here’s some highly discouraged things:

  • A link to your blog/site/etc, and it even remotely appears to put marketing / brand building / advertising over content. Content first, always.

  • A link to content that isn’t useful, novel, or just flat out clickbait.

  • Any site that’s principal purpose is to collect emails for a mailing list.

  • Job postings without naming the hiring company and an idea how compensation is handled

  • Top X lists without detailed reviews for each item. Especially lists of places or products or are full of affiliate links.

  • A link to a list of products that appears to be really just a list of links with affiliate id’s

  • Posting to software/apps/web sites/etc, with “PM me for access”. If it’s not public, it’s not welcome.

  • Posting software/apps/etc that aren’t complete and ready to use. This isn’t an user interest collection sub.


When in doubt, message the moderators first.

Have a product you want to inform us about? Buy an ad on reddit to target this (and other) related subs. You’ll get the exposure you want, without the community backlash. It’s good for reddit as a whole too!

Want to talk about a product or service that’s not yours, but you really like? Try linking to a third party, impartial review from a known trusted source. If you wrote it, avoid affiliate links in the article and be sure to mention any relevant disclosures if you are involved with creating the product or marketing it.

Want to link to your site about your experience with something? Great! We encourage that, but focus on the content not how many visitors might join your mailing list. If you truly were writing content for the greater good, put it on

Instead of a Top 10 list, which has just a picture and some basic stats: Write a detailed comparison of just two places. With real meaty content, data and stories.

Have a coupon for a product? Actually, that might be good. But unless it’s a high ticket item like a car or laptop, 5% off won’t cut it. The coupon must have more value to the community than for the person that posted it.


  • The moderation team

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