[QUESTION] I’m planning on buying and modifying a sprinter van in Canada. Is there any legal restrictions i should know of?

I’m thinking about putting a small desk, bed, bathroom, etc (the basics) in a van so i can travel and keep up to date with work.

What I’m wondering is if there is any laws in Toronto/CA that i need to know before i get to it. Like if there is any difference in using a sprinter van as anything other than a vehicle; say office or living space.

Have you had a similar experience? Do you have any better ideas? Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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How do i get started as a digital nomad

Hi! I’m super interested in becoming a digital nomad but am worried I don’t have the skills! I have basic coding skills and a degree in Computer Science but I am not confident in my skills enough to feel like I can complete coding projects by myself. I’m looking for low pressure sort of roles that are short term. I’m very good at writing, can do a bit of website set up and design, and a bit of coding. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get started with this and find small projects to work on that will still allow me to have free time to travel?

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Do I take low paying gigs as a new freelancer to get the ball rolling?

I sent an estimate to my second ever client for a job, for a very reasonable price, and he responded that his budget is half of what I proposed. It is highly likely this project will lead to doing all of his graphic design work, as well as the graphic design work for the other business owners in his building complex (I have personal relationships with all of them; he is only an acquaintance). Additionally, several of his clients could be interested in my work, especially after they attend his conference this month-they are also small business owners. If I take the job at the lower price, I worry about being trapped at the low fee for future projects from him and anyone else connected to him, and that would be totally unsustainable. However, he’s only my second client and I need to start somewhere.

Do I modify our arrangement to meet his budget, but respect my time? For example, create the logo, but not the additional letterhead; create a 15 slide as opposed to 30 slide corporate template?

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