Underpaid – need advice

Last summer, I started freelance animation at a high brand company. It’s sorta a permalance situation in that they can restart every 3 months or so. When we were going through negotiations I said my rate was $500 day. They said they might not be able to match and said $40 an hour. I rely on my instincts and felt good about the company, so I accepted.

After the first 3 months they said they liked me so much they extended me for longer than a 3 months set – I accepted. But in these past months I’ve been unhappy with this rate as it’s dawned on me it’s low for what I do and I know I’m getting underpaid.

I’m thinking that once the extended months contract is up (will be in summer) that I have a discussion about getting paid my rate (probably will up it to $550 in case they try to negotiate down). But, right now I’m dealing with beating myself up inside for accepting this and don’t want to have growing resentment while I wait for June to come. I know it’s my fault – but this is a case of When You Know Better You Do Better and I’m still learning how to advocate for myself.

I’m kinda sorta prepared to walk if they don’t accept – but I really love working at the company.

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How do you guys structure paying your bills while freelancing?

Hi all! Hope this is an okay place to post this. For background/reference, I’m a writer/digital marketer with a business just starting out, so I’m not earning a ton yet. So I’m seeking advice from those who either started small or who are small, and those who didn’t/don’t necessarily have a ton of “cushion” in the form of savings or other jobs.

I’m just starting out, so I’m having a bit of trouble transitioning from the steady paycheck to the once a month. I know I’ll eventually be able to get on a better aligned schedule, but right now I have payments coming in around the 15th of the month and then some smaller amounts weekly-ish. I know I can structure my bills around this schedule, but man it is challenging me! Does anyone have some simple habits or advice that may help get me started on a better system?

Not sure if this is needed, but my bill due dates are also pretty scattered throughout the month. I’d tweaked them as much as I can to work on my former pay schedule, but now I’m just trying to map things out before I start changing due dates again.


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is this job reliable?


I just graduated from college and unfortunately I’m unemployed. I found the remedy of unemployment on freelancer sites. I immediately signed up to several freelance sites and offered a job. I applied mostly to pdf-jpg to word. I’ve got a couple of returns, but they want me to prepay. That’s what I pay for security. They pay the amount I paid when ı have finished the project. I couldn’t trust it, and I retreated. Here are the details of my last job:


I also noticed that this job was constantly posted under different accounts with the same sentences ( on freelancer.com)

Unfortunately I can’t trust it. Are these jobs reliable? Can I get paid? What do you think?

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[Hiring] Senior DevOps + Node.js Engineer (100% Remote)

Are you a Node.js old-timer who fell in love with DevOps?

Do you want to make a real contribution in shaping the future of digital assets and the world in your own personal way?

If the answer is yes then please read on!

Who is my client?

My client is pioneering the way for mass adoption of digital assets by creating a very popular cryptocurrency all in one software wallet + exchange with the intention of being completely user friendly to digital asset beginners. The wallet is built on Electron and leverages backend Node.js services to connect to the various blockchain asset networks and wraps it all up inside a beautiful, easy to use design.

Why work for us?

-All salaries are paid in full in Bitcoin.

-A 100% remote company based all around the world!

-A working culture with a strong commitment to transparency and a healthy work/life balance.

-Make your own personal mark on the future of digital assets.

What you will do:

-Deploy Node.js applications into the appropriate pipeline (development, staging, production).

-Build zero-downtime deployment infrastructure.

-Review Node.js server code and submit pull requests to aid in the development.

-Use configuration management tools like Ansible to consistently configure server infrastructure in the cloud.

-Use terraform to build infrastructure.

-Leverage container technology like Docker, Kubernetes, or AWS offerings to increase the efficiency of building and deploying services.

-Build a geo-distributed infrastructure.

Who you are:

-You are based in the US (preferred).

-You have excellent references and a history of trust and established relationships in former careers.

-You have a long history and track record of Node.js development that can be demonstrated via Github.

-You take initiative and don’t wait for direction.

-You have a passion for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and demonstrated passion for solving problems.

-You don’t care if the platform is Azure or AWS and are willing to work with either and have some experience with at least one.

-You are willing to be available regardless of when server issues occur.

Here are the required skills we’re looking for:




-Docker / Docker Compose / Kubernetes

These skills would be nice to have:


-Microsoft Azure


-Previous experience in blockchain technology

Salary and Benefits:

-Salary: $100k-$200k USD to be paid in full in Bitcoin.

-30 paid vacation days each year

-Equipment (whatever you need to be productive).

-This is a full time position however no need to work fixed hours.

-Any help you require to fit into this amazing industry.

-Work in a fantastic culture with passionate people.

How to apply:

Please send us an email to: [droz.recruiting@gmail.com](mailto:droz.recruiting@gmail.com)

Explaining why you’re a good fit. If you want to include a CV, make sure it is in PDF format. Ensure the subject is “SENIOR DEVOPS NODE – FIRSTNAME LASTNAME”

Please outline your relevant experience from the above and in particular with:



-Docker / Docker Compose / Kubernetes

And please include links to any relevant github or other work

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Having to wait the full net 30/45/90 before getting paid?

I’m a freelancer and I’ve been hopping around different creative ad agencies in a large city for the past couple of years. Mostly all of them have had net 30 payment terms, but I’ve always been paid pretty much immediately after invoicing. However, I just started a new gig and their terms are net 45, and I’m concerned about waiting that long to see a first paycheck. Has anyone ever had to wait the full pay term before receiving a payment?

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