Best Wi-Fi for ESL Online?

Hey y’all,

TeachinTom here. I’m a backpacking, slow traveling, ESL professional for VipKid.

My partner and I have done central america and are working on South America soon. We were curious as to hear about Wi-fi quality down there as well as other places around the globe. I hear Bali has this wicked fiber optic cable and its super fast down there.

We tend so spend a month or so in each place we visit.

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I’ve been working as a video editor per hour and after almost a year, my employer now wants a detailed invoice. Trust issues?

I don’t know if I should be worried about this, but I’ve been working from home tracking my hours with Harvest and always generate an invoice with the total hours.

They’ve now asked me if I could please send a detailed invoice with the hours I take per video to “help them figure out revenue for each video style.”

I don’t buy this and I think either they don’t trust me in the amount of hours I do or the company is having financial issues.

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Hi Nomads! I need advice as I am new to this style of work and figured you might be the right kind of people to ask! I have recently been let go of my desk job with the title “e-commerce executive” what I did was manager the site for an English company. How to do the same out-of-office?

Basically in this last job that I did I managed all the French listings on Amazon (translating, rewriting and editing pre-existing post that were written via google translate) I also dealt with customer support (done by email) and commented/replied to …

Health care insurance

Hi all,

I am a bit lost when it comes to proper international health care coverage. I lived abroad for at least 10 years, but was always covered under my employers. I am now freelancing with my own business, so no more coverage. I have googled and talked to a few people, but everything I look at seems scammy. The information is never clear, and the fee and what is paid out is obfuscated. So I am looking to you all for some experience based advice.

Some details about my situation:

  • I’ll be spending the majority of my time in Vietnam but travelling a bit for work in several different countries. Is there anything that could cover me in multiple places, or should I get something Vietnam specific.
  • I have a son who will be living with me who I also want coverage for.
  • I am Canadian.

Any helpful tips would be more than appreciated!

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Laptop Full – Best Portable Memory Options While Out And About

The macbook is getting full and it’s now time to move my lightroom catalog and videos to an external drive. I have an older 1TB external drive that is too slow.

Are the SSD drives the way to go? Any others I should look at? Something not too fragile would be nice.

For you Lightroom/photoshop users out there, are you keeping your videos in the lightroom catalog or somewhere else?

Thanks for the help

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Online study whilst learning Spanish – any suggestions?

Hello nomads,

I’m planning to start an online Masters course in Autumn and I’d like to live in Spanish-speaking countries and become fluent alongside my studies. I’m at B1 competency level (albeit a bit rusty) and would like to get to C1 in six months or so. My Masters will take up 2-3 days a week so plenty of time for language courses and immersion.

I’d prefer secure private rooms in either a friendly and cheap hostel or AirBnB to having my own apartment.


– Strong and reliable wifi connection

– Good quality Spanish lessons available nearby. If it comes to it I can arrange lessons via Skype but in person would be preferred

– Friendly community for immersion opportunities (ie not somewhere that everyone speaks English or it’s impossible to make friends).

– Politically stable

– Safe for a solo female with a laptop


– Near the coast

– Decent expat scene so I’m not just hanging out with drunk backpackers

– Good travel links

– Yoga and surfing nearby

Any suggestions for places that’d fit the bill, with expected living costs if possible? I’d be looking to spend 1-2 months in each place. Many thanks!

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Where to open an LLC? (American)

I moved down to florida just before taking the DN plunge for the no state income tax benefits – with a power of attorney in GA. Remote work has been nice, and I’ve also started working on a side-project. Before launch, I thought it might make sense to label it under an LLC. As a digital nomad, do I have options on where I can/should open the LLC? Or can I flexible pick a better state in the USA to open the LLC under; and is it worth doing this from afar?

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