Contract unpaid, how much of this can I talk about online?

I have an agreement where I was supposed to be paid for an equity buyout in January. A collection letter was sent out saying the client has xx days to pay. So, everything is in process.

However, this is keeping me awake at night and I am getting very angry. Client had two years to pay and is ghosting me. We went to school together and I helped as a way of supporting a new business. To have so many mutual friends online and in real life is difficult for me to process as this goes on. What’s keeping me from friending his mom and dad on facebook, for example, and saying “your son is a deadbeat, can you tell him to pay his bills? THANKS”) At the very least leaving a negative review on the business page? I’m just really irritated and seeing this as an interest-free loan for him. Court costs will cut further into my payments. Is there anything else I can be doing?

edit: I have a contract and a lawyer. My question is about how to deal with it mentally. He argues that the business was dissolved and the company owes me nothing. The company is still together and operating.

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Validity of EU (German) Service Level Agreements in UAE

Hi freelancers,

I’ve never worked with a client from the ME region so feeling a bit uneducated about the contracts between EU & ME businesses. I have to put together an SLA for a UAE client soon and have no idea if the same ToCs apply. Should I consider some specific ME business laws?

I work with a milestone based system where client pays 50% fee at the start, and the rest after the deliverables have been approved. What can I expect in the ‘worst-case scenario’ – if client ghosts me without payment?

Has anyone (particularly from the EU) drawn a contract with a business in the Middle East? If it helps, this business is a IT/SaaS company and operates globally.

Thanks for any input.

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Contacting people over the company’s contact form?

I want to reach out cold to two COOs of two small companies (10-50 people). I cant get their personal email addresses with the usual tools (tried and others…). What is the best way to reach out via the contact form on the company’s website and to make sure that my message is forwarded to both persons?

Do you think something like:

“Please forward to John Doe.

Hi John,

I am reaching out after meeting last month at….”

..would work? Or would this be considered too spammy and deleted? The companies are small enough so everyone is familiar with the names of the COOs..

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Should I dump this client who seems like a major quack or shut up and take his money every month?

I took on this low budget project and subcontracted it to another freelancer. I prepare a monthly content calendar outline and the put together a mockup for IG feed. Once I have client’s approval & feedback, I forward it to the subcontractor who then creates the content and manages the channel every day. I take a project management & strategic consultation fee and pay the subcontractor for his services. Quite a low effort project for me except for a few things that bother me.
This is a health related product and we regularly create content about healthy nutrition and lifestyle. He constantly keeps butting in with his personal opinions about nutritional facts. Some gems from him:

  • Remove meal-prep post because refrigerated food is stale and has no ‘chi’ left in it
  • Remove this photo of green leafy veggies because they lower body temperature, and therefore are bad for health
  • Remove milk post because it’s unhealthy (the post was a question for the audience – how they prefer muesli)
  • Remove coffee post because it’s unhealthy (the post was a question for the audience – how they prefer coffee – we didn’t even mention any nutritional benefits)
  • Asparagus is toxic, cucumbers are bad!! ….etc etc you get the picture.

Besides this, he keeps asking me to change images AFTER I have put the IG feed for the entire month together. The reasons are either because he doesn’t like them and thinks that the audience won’t like them. The images he picks are fine, but they ruin the entire look and feel of the feed and basically undoes all the time and effort I’ve spent in curating the feed meticulously. Why didn’t he give me feedback on the feed mockup that I sent 2 weeks ago when it we are still in planning stage??

Have you guys have clients like this? Is it time to dump this client even though it’s rather low effort project (in terms of hours spent per month)?

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Considering Temp to Perm – Questions

Hey everyone! A little background: I’m a copywriter working full-time in-house (client-side at a company as opposed to an advertising agency). I’m considering jumping over to another company.

I currently make $85k with full benefits: health, dental, 401K, about 17 days PTO, freedom to WFH at least once a week. Sounds great, right? It’s solid, but I’ve been here 1.5 years and haven’t gotten a single raise (I just missed out on COL). My company is struggling and we’ve been kinda screwed around with, so I’m looking to make a move.

I have an interview for a global brand, working on a dream product within the company. It’s a resume maker. The problem is, it’s temp to perm. I’d have to sign on with a 6 month contract. If at the end of the 6 month contract they like me, they bring me on; if there’s suddenly no budget, then I continue on the contract; if I don’t perform, they send me on my way.

It’s a risk I’m willing to take, but as a first-time freelancer, I wanted to make sure I’m going about this correctly and cover all these bases. I hate putting the horse before the carriage, but if an offer rolls in I’ll need to be quick and confident with my negotiation.

If I were going for a salary, I’d like to negotiate for $120k. I have almost 6 years experience and feel that’s what I’m worth. I’d be happy with anywhere from $105k and up.

You get paid for PTO, so I’m not worried about that. From what I understand you get a biweekly paycheck and are free to take PTO, but be discretionary about it and don’t complain about working late from time to time.

Health Insurance: I’m tacking on $10k for this. If I work as a freelancer for 12 months, that’ll be right around $9-$10k worth of health insurance.

401K: I’d like to continue saving for a “401K”. I’ve allocated about 6% here, so $7.200.

So would I ask for $137,200? Would i ask for a 6-month contract for $68,600? Do I push to charge by hour? Sorry if these are newbie question, just a little lost and don’t wanna make the wrong decision. Am I missing anything here?

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Imposter syndrome

I started writing on a freelance basis about eight months ago, and during that time I’ve had some amazing opportunities with some incredible clients. I received my first editor position for a blog about three months ago and I absolutely love it. Being in charge of a brand’s voice is such an honor and I feel so blessed to be working with this client while continuing to work for other publications and expanding my portfolio.

Recently, a publication that I’ve been contributing to regularly has offered me an editor position in which I would help them launch their print publication, then continue to edit their online publishing in addition to the print edition. They know that I haven’t edited a print publication yet and I’ll be learning a lot through the first year and especially leading up to launch (I did not misrepresent my experience to get this position), and frankly I’m in awe that they trust me with this. The compensation is generous, to put it mildly, and the contract is written with a long-term working relationship in mind.

That’s where the problem comes in: I’m struggling with the feeling that I don’t belong in this position and the fear that I’ll screw it up. There is a TON that I don’t know and I’m worried about meeting their expectations. I’ve felt out of my depth before, but this feels like open water. I didn’t think a client like this would come along for my first couple years at least, but here I am. While I’m grateful and excited and all those other things, I’m also terrified I’ve bitten of more than I can chew.

How do you guys deal with imposter syndrome? Are there any resources you could recommend to help me prepare for this? If you’ve been I a similar situation, how did it go?

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Client not sending my 1099

I did some freelance copywriting work for a startup last year and was paid a little over $1500. I filled out and sent them a W-9 when starting the project and they paid by wiring money into my bank account. About a couple weeks ago, I emailed both the project manager and startup owner to let them know I haven’t yet received my 1099. I followed up again about a week later and the project manager apologized for the delay and said he’d continue to nag the owner. I haven’t heard anything back since.

I have my invoices, so I know the amount I received, but my tax software isn’t letting me input the information without the company’s EIN. Any advice on how to either get my 1099 or claim the income some other way? Surprisingly, I’m expecting a refund this year and would love to get the ball rolling. Thank you!

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