Best tech to participate in workshops and conferences remotely

Hello, I apologize if this is not the right venue for this question – I would appreciate a redirect if necessary.

I am a PhD student who is attending a school hours away from me. I travel in for my classes, but often have to miss interesting seminars and workshops because I can’t travel in for them. Is there any portable technology that I could use to make remote participation more effective? I have colleagues who are willing to help “skype” me in, but the video/audio is not great. Any hardware suggestions that I could make available for them to use that would be better remote eyes/ears for me?

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Your Compensation for Remote Employment

Washington Post Article

I was reading this article because I was curious about office space tax deductions and the like. The Article delivered some bad news that some of you who were telecommuting in 2018 may want to know, but that’s not exactly the topic here…

At the end of the article the author suggests asking your employer to cover certain expenses as a way to recoup some of your lost deductions. I suppose for things like paying rent and utilities, which got me thinking, “I’ve been a remote employee for 3 years taking a simple wage with health benefits. Have I been doing this wrong?”

My questions to the community are these:

  • What are some reasonable requests I can make of my employer while negotiating an employment agreement?
  • Has anyone here ever received benefits beyond the usual health, dental, 401k, or etc offerings?
  • Was this compensation something offered or was it something you had to ask for?

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