Hiring managers: would you hire a Business major as an Admin Assistant, or is that considered "overqualified"?

After quitting my first professional post-college job in sales, I began applying for new work. I’ve been applying doing so over the past 5-6 months. For about 2 months or so, I looked for jobs quite vehemently. The rest of the time, I only looked for work causally because I was working physically-intensive, shift-type jobs that would leave me too tired to continue looking for work afterwards.

Now, I’m back on the market and looking for work seriously. I’m working with a recruiter from a temp agency who is helping me out, and I’m also job-searching on my own. I’ve managed to complete the final interviews for 2 different positions, Executive Assistant, and Business Analyst with a government agency. These are jobs I applied to on my own, and I’m just waiting final decision for the EA position and a security clearance for the BA job.

Anyway, I’d like to have more backup jobs so have been applying to Administrative Assistant jobs. The reason I have been doing so and not business-related jobs, like in project management and business analysis, is because a few recruiters have told me I need to have business experience. They’re not willing to take a chance on entry-level candidates it seems.

In any case, what the TLDR of this post is…I want to have backups, and want to know if it’s worth my time to apply to admin jobs or if I’d be looked at as overqualified. Thank you for any responses in advance.

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DoorDash Drivers

Become a DoorDash driver! Work flexible hours and get a $50 bonus after 200 deliveries. Apply here: https://doordash.com/dasher/apply/Marissa-Pineda-2985/ submitted by /u/Ladyfragile [link] [comments]

Indeed Safe?

Hey guys. Question. Is Indeed.com safe? I’m a College Student looking for another job, and I found an opening for Dyson. After reading it through, and reading 258 reviews on the job I applied. My question is, is it safe? I got a call for an interview. …

How to include technical skills on a resume?

Going through the process of revamping my resume. I am trying out how to make my technical skills/programming languages/frameworks standout.

I’ve been receiving lots of mixed advice, either:

A) simply list the languages/frameworks/tools/etc. that I know

B) keep the formatting as you would in a “summary of qualifications”, and listing how experienced you are with each.

For example:

Option A:

Languages: Python, C, Java, Kotlin …..

Option B:

Technical Skills:
– I am proficient with Python and Kotlin
– I am experienced with C and Java

IMO, if I was a recruiter option A would just quickly tell me everything I need to know about an applicant. However option B, more importantly lets me feel more comfortable putting on languages like C/Java, that I am less experienced with + it gives a better description of ‘who’ I am and what I know.

Still figuring out what would be better, opinions anyone?

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